Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I Am (Brief) Link

--- Early Shudders - Our pal Joe Reid has written up a couple of horror stories acutely attuned to our interests this week at Decider - first up he shared some of the very first horror movies he ever saw, focusing on the actresses they starred and the long-term love affairs they started; how he talked about Dead Calm so much without sharing a picture of Billy Zane I will never understand, so I had to right that here (see left). And second he gave good love to PJ Soles' character in Carrie, with her iconic red hat. But while I have nothing but love for PJ Soles and that character I really can't co-sign Norma being the Camp Queen of that movie - not with Piper Laurie flailing about.
--- Small Screen Scares - Alfonso Cuaron is now shopping around a horror-tinged television series to a bunch of networks - it's being kept under wraps plot-wise (we don't even have a title) but it's apparently about a cult, and it will probably star Casey Affleck. You know, if they can get away with that in our current environment. Which they will, because Casey Affleck is not going away any time soon. Hopefully he will decide to use his platform to espouse less shittiness. Everybody's watching, Casey.

--- Double Director - Still not sure when Francois Ozon's L'amant Double is being released here in the US but that's no reason to skip this conversation with the man over at The Film Stage, where they talk about the movie, working with Jeremie Renier (who in this movie has a threesome... with himself!) for the rest of his life, and how Xavier Dolan felt "destroyed" by critics but criticvs are still worth listening to.

--- Snow Job - This is a rare and surprising case of a director (semi) disavowing his movie several days before it's come out, but The Snowman director Tomas Alfredson seems to want to hedge his bets with the movie and so he's spilling the beans on the shitty high-pressure shoot beforehand. (thanks Mac) Given how great everything he's turned out before has been - Let the Right One In and Tinker Tailor, I mean - I think we're all fine with allowing him this misfire. Meanwhile Michael Fassbender has just gone and skipped town altogether...

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