Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #115

I missed this yesterday but a happy 25 to Bernard Rose's film Candyman, which was released on October 16th 1992 and promptly took over the way we look at ourselves in the mirror. Not that those mirror chanting games didn't exist before Candyman, but Candyman co-opted them fairly successfully I'd say. (Oh dear I just said Candyman three times!)

Anyway the character of Helen (played by a wonderful Virginia Madsen) is a student (her research is what brings her into this nightmare) so obviously she's gonna be surrounded by books, and once it happens I just adore how ridiculously out-of-place the big C (an iconic Tony Todd) looks in his fancy-man fur-lined coat inside Helen's bougie book-stuffed breakfast nook. A great shot:

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