Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Good Morning, World

Former Veronica Mars star Chris Lowell (that's where we fell for him) is turning 33 today and we're anxiously awaiting the second season of GLOW, which will hopefully feature some more of his ribald money-man Bash. Here's a thing I didn't know - he's been in a relationship with Halt and Catch Fire's magnificent Kerry Bishé for several years now! They both have great taste in partners. Anyway I think I say this every time he comes up but you should follow Chris on Instagram if you don't - he's an excellent photographer.


Petey said...

He was actually in a guest cameo on Halt and Catch Fire's first episode of Season 4, as one of Donna's guests who ends up going to bed with her.

Jason Adams said...

I thought he was! I remembered that but it isn't listed on his IMDb page so I thought maybe I was mixing things up. Thanks Petey!

Anonymous said...

He's also in the EPIX TV series "Graves" which is now in its second season. His rear was displayed twice in season one.