Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Garrett Hedlund Five Times

I keep forgetting that Mudbound - the new southern racial drama from director Dee Rees - is playing the New York Film Festival - it's been strangely kind of quiet on that front even though the film's initial reviews from an earlier fest were very very good. But it is playing and I am seeing it in two days and a bunch of the folks behind the film will be there up to and including Mr. Hedlund, so stay tuned for pictures on our Instagram! Until then this fine new photo-shoot (via) will have to keep you company.

Oh and this bit from the attached interview:

"In the early days, people often mistook him for actor Charlie Hunnam, particularly during Hunnam’s stint on Judd Apatow’s campus sitcom Undeclared. “We went up against each other for the same parts for years,” he says. Now the closest of friends, they recently found themselves shooting Glocks together under the blistering July sun. “I was out in the middle of nowhere, doing weapons training with Charlie, and we had a blast,” he says, and then points to the sunburn on his arm. The plan is for the two of them to co-star in a military drama with Mark Wahlberg."

While I go spend some time thinking about blond gods Garrett Hedlund and Charlie Hunnam hanging out and handling their guns together you can hit the jump for a couple more pictures...


Anonymous said...

You've been hacked! Some faker posted non-CMBYN content, not even trying to make it seem like it could be from you.

Jason Adams said...

LOL Anon. I probably could've made this about CMBYN. Picture it: Garrett Hedlund as Oliver! :)

David said...


Anonymous said...

Well hello bulge in the first pic. Nice to see you.

He was so good in On the Road that I've been waiting to enjoy him in a movie again, but since then he hasn't done much that I want to see and I don't even really remember him in Unbroken.