Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Cat's Out of the Bag, Joan Fontaine

This past Sunday would have been the actress Joan Fontaine's 100th birthday, and so ever on point The Film Experience is celebrating that centennial with a series of posts looking back at her career. I personally couldn't stand Joan Fontaine for a long time - I thought she was the weakest of Hitchcock's Blondes, always nattering about so weak-willed in both Suspicion and Rebecca

But I've come to appreciate her more over the years (I like her in Rebecca now that I have a broader understanding of what she's doing), and so I wrote up a piece for TFE on her last night - I tackled The Witches, a 1966 Hammer Horror film that read to me like a "Lady Wicker Man." Head on over to read my thoughts. But first...

I couldn't let this movie pass without making a couple 
of gifs of this insane moment in the movie...

... where Joan stumbles upon a cat tied up inside...

... a doll that has her face on it!
That freaked me out.

This is one of those movies that's all about the last act and is kind of pretty boring before then, but man it more than makes up for that in that last act. Good grief and then some.

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