Monday, October 02, 2017

All Your Rick Deckard Fantasies Come To Fruition

Blade Runner 2049 is out this weekend and the critics who've seen it have been fairly glowing, from what I can tell - hell some people are even claiming Harrison Ford could win an Oscar for it! (Those people are probably nuts.) 

That said I got my tickets for Saturday and I am primed to go and I am primed entirely because of Denis Villeneuve sitting in the director's chair - if Ridley Scott had actually directed this thing I would be dreading it. But Denis and me, we're solid.

Speaking of solid how about all of these shirtless Harrison Ford pictures from the original film, huh? I hadn't seen 90% of these pictures until today - what a scoop, what a dish. Now carry that feeling you're feeling with you over to The Film Experience where today's edition of "Beauty vs Beast" is asking you to choose between Harrison's big Deckard and Daryl Hannah's femme-bot from hell.

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