Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Well Who Hasn't Fucked a Peach

I haven't found the entire interview online but Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino was interviewed for Fantastic Man magazine and a few quotes from it have been making the rounds... because they're exactly the sort of quotes I was hoping would come out of this movie's press tour, and they're awesome. So here:

"Fantastic Man: Have you met him (Sufjan Stevens)?

Luca: I wrote to him and invited him over to my house to see the film when it was finished, as he was coming to Italy anyway. So, the doorbell rings, and this stunningly beautiful man is at the door. I mean, I’d seen pictures of him, but in reality he is beyond handsome! Those eyes!

FM: Do you remember that I wrote about my visit to the set of “Call Me By Your Name” and you talked about the peach scene from the book, but when I saw the film I found out that I remembered that storyline all wrong.

Luca: Ah yes, you thought OLIVER has a wank with a ripe peach, but it’s ELIO.

FM: Exactly. It’s such a hot scene.

Luca: I was afraid I was being a prude, so I thought I had to at least tried it for myself. So one day, after lunch, I got a peach, went to the loo, took the pit from the peach, masturbated and… I can tell you, it works very well. André Aciman was right in his book. So I went to Timmy and said: ‘I’ve changed my mind about the peach scene; I think it can work. You should try it for yourself.” And he rolls his eyes, like, “Duh. Of course I tried it, and of course it works”."

It's good to know that everybody involved with CMBYN was peach-fucking - for research! It paints a lovely picture. (Has Armie weighed in though?) Speaking of Armie the rest of the pictures of Armie & Timothee in GQ Style - you know, the one with the dueling covers that we made you choose between - have landed online and you can find Timmy over at this link but I shared one over on the Tumblr yesterday and now I shall share the rest of them after the jump...


Unknown said...

Have you still not seen CMBYN?

JA said...

UGGGGGGGHHHH leave me alone! God as if I wouldn't see it the second I had the chance! (I see it on Tuesday)