Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Quote of the Day

"The pendulum shifts and you remember people really respond to this kind of tribalism. Whenever a Republican becomes president, you just go, “Oh, right." 

... In my experience, the world of liberal progressive politics does include everyone. By its nature, it’s making sure everybody is included in this vision of America, and then with Trump or these other conservatives, you realize their vision of society does not include you. It’s not just about what we should spend our surplus or deficit on or how we should deal with our foreign affairs — it’s literally, like, “Do you belong in this country or not?” And that’s when you feel like your whole being is at stake."

That is Mike White chatting with Kyle Buchanan at Vulture in a Must Read today - it's not all icky politics, there's also a lot about Hollywood and oh right Mike's new movie Brad's Status out this Friday. Mike White continues to be the person to most emulate in the world, you guys. Anyway I know I keep dissing the trailer for Brad's Status but I realized just now I haven't actually shared the trailer, so here that is. Watch it and just keep telling yourself: Mike White is a genius, Mike White is a genius, Mike White is a genius...


Anonymous said...

White: "liberal progressive politics... include everyone."

Also White: 'conservatives are racist, xenophobic, un-American scum.'

Sane People: fuck off. Fuck off to you, fuck off to your progressive bullshit, fuck off to Trump and his racist bullshit. Just fuck off.

And fuck you. Stop thinking that telling other people how to live their lives will somehow give your worthless existence any meaning. I am useless, you are useless, we are all useless, and we have the right to enjoy our useless lives in peace without finger-wagging dunces thinking their good intentions should govern the rest of us. Fuck you and fuck off.

Unclemike said...


Anonymous said...

Just saw Brad's Status and liked it immensely. I fear for it however. It's almost impossible to be a middle class white man with problems that are totally understandable, and not have someone calling you a whiny white man, and telling you your problems don't matter in the larger scheme of things, Will be curious to see how the public responds to this movie.

Sam said...

Saw 'Brad's Status' on Tuesday, I really enjoyed it. I agree the trailer isn't good, but after seeing it, I don't think it would be possible to cut a good trailer from it. I think it's one of Ben Stiller's best performances.

Carl said...

He had a great, and quite touching, interview with Terry Gross about it recently.