Friday, September 29, 2017

NYFF Diaries: Day 8

The New York Film Festival opened last night with the premiere of Richard Linklater's latest movie about dudes, this time older dudes, called Last Flag Flying - it stars Bryan Cranston and Laurence Fishburne and blah blah blah I am totally never ever ever seeing that movie. But as we've been doing for a little over a week now before I review them for The Film Experience I have been sharing with y'all the movies I have deigned worthy of my ever so precious time and brain-space, and here's today's:

September 29th
Zama (dir. Lucrecia Martel)

When I wrote up my preview of the fest way back in August there were eight movies that I mentioned wanting to see and I have now seen three of those seven - today Zama will mark the fourth. Why did I want to see Zama? Because Martel's last film was The Headless Woman and I adore The Headless Woman, that's why. I have heard less rapturous early word on this one (Nathaniel already wrote it up at TFE and he was bored out of his mind) but I'm keeping hope alive anyway. Everything I have seen seems visually striking, at least. And I was told that reading up on the film's subject helps, and this review might've done the trick. I'm ready! Bring it on, Zama!

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