Wednesday, September 27, 2017

NYFF Diaries: Day 6

I took yesterday off (which was helpful so I could actually start writing reviews!) but today we're back in the theater for half a day watching back-to-back press screenings for the New York Film Festival. Our reviews are going up at The Film Experience, but before that we're just being show-offy and telling y'all what we're seeing each day. Scan through here for the previous entries. As for today it is another double feature...

September 27th

While I'm wary of Adam Sandler starring in anything these days I just have to keep repeating to myself, "Punch-drunk Love, Punch-drunk Love, Punch-drunk Love..." That movie is still my favorite Paul Thomas Anderson movie, and so it's possible, it's possible, this will be okay. Noah Baumbach is a very good director, in case you hadn't noticed. (Although I wish he'd make another movie with Greta, to be honest.) (Of course then we might not have Lady Bird coming up, so nevermind!) And it's not like there's not plenty in Meyerowitz's cast otherwise to look forward to -- it also stars Ben Stiller, who just gave one of his best performances in Brad's Status (review here) plus some dude named Dustin Hoffman. (I Heart Huckabees forever.)

Let the Sun Shine In (dir. Claire Denis)

Okay I know you know I am not Claire Denis' biggest fan. But are you looking at that picture of Juliette Binoche there above? I mean are you looking at it? As if I would miss that. I mean come on. I don't even give the slightest amount of shit what this movie is about as long as it contains Juliette Binoche laying around in white t-shirts looking sleepy and flushed. Sold!

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