Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Kink & Circumstance

"The Year of Stephen King" continues with both the release of It this Friday (there's a great story-tall billboard on the street here in NYC that I just spied this morning) and now here with the trailer the very next thing, our greatly anticipated Gerald's Game movie, which hits Netflix on September 29th. It stars perennially underrated Carla Gugino and Hot Daddy Bruce Greenwood...

... as a kinky blessedly-adult couple gone wrong, and while the trailer gives a lot away it doesn't give away what I was afraid it would give away, aka the section of the book that kept me up the entire night I read the book, and for that I am glad. Watch:



Forever1267 said...

This looks very faithful to the novel, while finding an imaginative visual element to a very, very internal book. It's a good, creepy, these-things-really-do-happen scary type of story.

Aquinas1220 said...

one of King's best novels. Looking forward to this