Thursday, September 21, 2017

Joe Dallesandro in 3D!!!

That headline is an attention grabber, for sure, but it's not even the best news from today's announcement that The Quad will be screening a slew of classics in The Third Dimension this October, because besides the silly sexy disturbing delight of Flesh For Frankenstein being on the list of titles there is among them the one movie I have wanted to see in 3D my entire life, more than any other, and that movie is...

In 3D at last!!!

I have honest to goodness goose-pimples about this, you guys. 10-year-old me, staring at this movie's illicit VHS cover at the local video-store, with its bloody knife poking through that lacy curtain...

... it always seemed so dangerous, ya know? Eventually my cousin and I got permission to rent scary movies from his much more lenient parents a couple years later and off we went, him ogling the boobies, me ogling the boy bits. And Part III has some good boy bits with Rick (Paul Kratka) and hand-walking Andy (Jeffrey Rogers)...

But besides the great gratuity this movie's got everything a growing freak needs from their 3D horror movie - it's got a yo-yo flying at your face, it's got an eyeball flying at your face... it has SHELLY!

Shelly in 3D!!! 
I am painfully excited, y'all.

That there (click to embiggen)  is the full list of films the Quad is showing - the series runs from October 13th through the 19th and they haven't announced the actual schedule on their website yet but I can't imagine that they won't be showing Friday the 13th on Friday, October 13th. MARK YOUR CALENDARS, FOLKS.


Forever1267 said...

This is probably my favorite of the series, because of Rick (hubba hubba!!!) and the 3D, and the really, really, really gross ways to die. I remember my friends and I (must have been 15?) being obsessed trying to figure out how we could get into the movie theater.

To no avail, alas.

Fortunately, HBO aired it approximately 247076220 times in one month, so there were plenty of chances to see someone get macheted in half... in 3D!!!!!!!!!!

Have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

They saved the best for last with Michael Silver in Jason Goes to Hell. I loved how comfortable he seemed being naked and showing off his body, and the camera really seemed to focus on him.