Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I Am Link

--- Hammer It Home - Collider chatted with Luca Guadagnino and his Call Me By Your Name stars Armie Hammer and Timothee Chalamet at TIFF about the film and found out from the director that his original cut was four hours long! You can watch the video of their chat here. Fingers crossed that the four-hour cut sees the light of day on the blu-ray and the additional hour and a half or however much it is is nothing but real-time footage of peach-fucking from everybody. Everybody! Timothee, Armie, Luca, me! Aaanyway how about that new picture there? (click to embiggen; thx Mac) Good stuff. I've got less than two weeks til I see the movie! Let's not blow up the world before then, at least, please.

--- RIP HDS - I wish I had time to write up something good on the passing of Harry Dean Stanton, one of the greatest actors we've ever had the pleasure of spending pretend time with, but if you want a good What To Watch then head on over to Rolling Stone where my pal Sean and a couple of his fellow contributors listed HDS' ten best roles. Truth be told I am not allowed to write anything until is ee Paris, Texas, which I still haven't -- they're doing a week-long series on HDS at The Quad here in NYC starting this weekend and I'm gonna try to make it to the screening there.

--- Russian Dynasty - Matthew Weiner of Mad Men fame is making an anthology series for Amazon called The Romanoffs, which will follow a different (fictional) person around the world who thinks they're a descendant of the infamous Russian family. Was do I, as a non-Mad-Men fan, care? Because the cast he's lined up includes Isabelle Huppert, Aaron Eckhart, Christina Hendricks, Andrew Rannells, John Slattery, Jack Huston, Amanda Peet, and Corey Stoll. (Although if it was just the first and last names I'd be there honestly.) (thx Mac)
--- Poison Pals - There's a chat with three of the VIPs of New Queer Cinema in this month's Out Magazine (I guess they're celebrating their 25th year so they're looking back - they chatted with producer Christine Vachon and directors Gregg Araki and Tom Kalin, about what it was like on the ground making gay movies back int he 90s. True story: my first job in NYC was very very close to being Vachon's personal assistant. Now there's a separate timeline.

--- Hooray For Hiroyuki - Two big roles for the hot and perennially under-used Hiroyuki Sanada hit the other day, which we were really hoping for after he low-key stole Life from the bigger names - he's signed on for the next Avengers movie, although given those movies now have a literal cast of millions I don't think we should get our hopes up that he'll have much to do. No word on who he's playing but the folks at the link seem to think the Yakuza will play a part in the Infinity Wars movies. And continuing the theme of "hire the Japanese actor to play stereotypes" Sanada's also signed on to Westworld's second season and everybody's just assuming he'll be a part of the neighboring Samurai-world, which we got a glimpse of last year.
--- Small Town Surrealism - If you still don't want to stop thinking about David Lynch's Twin Peaks third season well then come sit next to me, friend-oh. Here's a pair of worthwhile links to feed the beast -- first up this chat at Vulture with the real-world owner of the Laura Palmer house who ended up getting a surprise small role in the finale is a true delight; she comes off as the coolest lady slash nerd around. And secondly even though this long-form piece on the show for Harpers was written before the show ended ( I think they said it had only aired thirteen episodes by the time they published) it's one of the finest, sharpest pieces I've read anywhere about the pleasures of Living Through Lynch.


Mark Alexander said...

Well, Corey's gotta do something to get his beautiful unshaven scruff out there and in front of people since he's finished fighting vampires (or more precisely, Strigoi) in The Strain.

Tom M said...

Armie's shorts were too short and the director had to digitally "remove" things. Quote in first minute of this interview. My god, when does this movie come out?

1971 said...

I saw the quote about Armie short shorts and was wondering what this was referring to, the pair in the still above aren't very short. Maybe the yellow swimming trunks?