Thursday, September 07, 2017

Hemsworth Abs Sell Magazines

I hate it when these magazine do a bunch of different covers and you don't know if the one you want is the one that's going to show up in your mailbox -- W Magazine's new issue appears to have like ten different covers at least but obviously the only one anybody wants (with all due apologies to Tilda Swinton and Winona Ryder And Saoirse Ronan, all terrific!) is the one with Shirtless Chris Hemsworth on it. I mean come on! Anyway I also posted the pictures of Robert Pattinson on the Tumblr and (surprisingly) the one of Lucas Hedges on the Tumblr, but you can never make me post the Jared Leto ones. You can't! Click here to see all the different images.


Ryan T. said...

WHOA. For a second I thought that 2nd pic was Chris dressed as a priest. I immediately thought YES FATHER MAY I?

Steven said...

Same, Ryan. Same.