Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Good Morning, World

While we have already thoroughly covered Idris Elba's excellent skin game in this here movie 100 Streets before (right here) it is his birthday today so a reminder's not unwarranted or unwelcome. Never! Whether it's his kick-fighting TV show or his shirtless photo-shoots we cover the living hell out of him so we have to make do with scraps in these in-between times. We cover these things and then we don't go see his movies! 

Did any of you see The Dark Tower? I couldn't bring myself to do it even though everybody said Idris was the best part (the only good part, actually is what everybody said). And his next two movies, Molly's Game with Jessica Chastain (see the trailer here) and The Mountain Between Us with Kate Winslet (see the trailer here) are reliant upon reviews to get me to the theater, probably, since neither one is really screaming my name right now.

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Forever1267 said...

If you haven't read the books, it's a mildly entertaining SyFy network flick with major movie stars.

If you have read the book, it has 3 characters from the book, and different worlds, and a Tower mentioned... and that's about it. Why, why, WHY hasn't HBO grabbed this?!?!?!