Monday, September 11, 2017

Good Evening, Gratuitous Nico Tortorella

I've tried to get other things done today but I've spent the most of the day distracted and annoyed about MNPP's Tumblr getting disappeared for some unknown reason - if the folks at Tumblr would just get back to me with some kind of an answer I'd probably get right over it but I hate not knowing and get real irritable real quick when answers aren't forthcoming. (PS Here's the new Tumblr address, in case you missed it.)

So to distract myself I looked up Nico Tortorella, as one does  -- you know he'll come through because there's no harder-working narcissist out there today, bless him -- and sure enough before I knew it there were fifty thousand scorching pictures sitting somewhat moistly there in the palm of my hand. So I will share them because I don't know what else to do. Hit the jump and there they'll be...


Anonymous said...

Sometimes Tumblr goes through a period where they mass delete blogs that have copyrighted content on them, especially if the company who owns the copyright complains. It's been happening more often since Yahoo took over. I've been seeing some chatter about it on Tumblr over the last few weeks. It happens a lot with porn blogs, but sometimes other blogs get caught in the crosshairs. I hope that's not the case, and your Tumblr will be back soon.

Sorry, man!

raccv said...

They deleted it cause it's a gay tumblr. I do gay fan art and people I know who make similar art or even just have gay themed tumblrs get their them deleted on a frequent basis. You can have a tumblr dedicated to ISIS containing beheading videos and they won't delete it for fear of being "culturally insensitive" and "religiously intolerant" but tumblrs hosting gay subject matter get deleted at the drop of a hat. LGBTQ kids are the live blood of tumblr but little do they know what the people running tumblr really think of them.