Thursday, September 28, 2017

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

It Follows (2014)

Paul: Do you remember that time we found 
all the porno magazines in the alley by Barry's Pizza? 
Jay: Yes. 
Paul: We were such stupid kids. 
Jay: Ridiculous. 
Paul: We're all sitting on Greg's front lawn with a dozen 
dirty magazines sprawled everywhere and we're laughing... 
Jay: We had no idea how terrible it was. 
Paul: And Greg's mom?! Remember her face when she 
came outside and saw us all sitting around reading that shit? 
Jay: She scooped them up so fast. Called my mom too. 
Me and Kelly got a sex ed lecture the next day. 
Paul: I got one too.

This conversation is so precise in how it communicates everything you need to know about the relationship between Jay & Paul before the movie began and what you will see between them as the movie progresses, without ever actually saying much of anything on its surface - the clunkiness with which the teenage boy is trying to get the teenage girl to think about sex, and to make sure she knows that he knows about sex too! This is a terrific movie, you guys. 

Anyway a happy 25 to the always terrific Keir Gilchrist today! Are you guys watching his Netflix series Atypical? I plowed through the whole thing on a long bus-ride several weeks back but I haven't mentioned it here because there's not a lot to say about it - Keir is terrific, and I really like the girl who plays his sister... I mean everybody's good, it's just not the most mind-blowing stuff. I will watch a second season.

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