Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Billy From the Bazaar

All I have to say about Guy Ritchie "inventing a white guy role" in his forthcoming live-action Aladdin movie just so he could cast Billy Magnussen in it  is I have been "inventing" roles for Billy Magnussen to play over here with me for several years now and his ass still hasn't shown up. WTF Billy? I have some goddamn Hammer Pants that you can wear if that's all you've been waiting for.


Unknown said...

People get so upset over the silliest things. How dare they write in a white character??? Is this supposed to be an insult to Arabs? Robin Williams as the Genie? And now Will Smith? Maybe they'll make the white actor the villian so everyone can clutch their pearls a little less tightly. I'm more upset they're letting Guy Ritchie direct another movie.

Pierce said...

Well said, Unknown! I read that they're thinking of casting Adele as Nancy in a remake of Oliver! That movie, Best Picture of 1968 and an outstanding version of Dicken's story, does not need a remake!! Sir Carol Reed did a remarkable job of capturing the period.