Thursday, August 10, 2017

Raúl For Ricky & More Hannibal Maybe

I am totally stealing this idea off of somebody on Twitter but it's a fabulous idea and worth stealing - we need to start a campaign for Broadway and Hannibal actor Raúl Esparza to play Desi Arnez opposite Cate Blanchett in the Lucille Ball movie she's making with Aaron Sorkin that just got green-lit by Amazon. He's good casting physically, he can sing and potentially mambo, he's actually Cuban. 

(Sorry I know I should've picked a better picture of Desi to compare their faces but I could not resist that one of Desi in uniform feeding Lucy a hot dog, and you can't make me resist it.) He's also YOUNGER than Cate (by a year) just as Desi was younger than Lucy (by 6 years). It's not a huge difference from Javier Bardem (who's the same age as Cate) who's rumored to be the front-runner, but I think Javier's all wrong for Desi. Anyway in slightly related news...

... it's nothing, it's really nothing yet, do not allow yourself to get excited yet, but Hannibal might have a chance at coming back! AHHH FREAK OUT AHHHHH. Ahem. Deep breath. We are not allowing ourselves to get excited, Jason. Bryan Fuller tweeted out yesterday that they had to wait for two full years after the show's finale to start talking to other outlets about reprising the show because of contract stuff, and now that that has passed conversations about a fourth season or whatever shape it might take have apparently begun. With somebody, or somebodies, somewhere. Whee!


David said...

I love both Raúl and Javier but I do agree, Raúl is a better choice for Desi.

Jez In Dallas said...

You say: don’t get excited
I: just read the headline and start screaming in my head.