Wednesday, August 02, 2017

New Wave Kick Ass Ice Queen on the Bloc

Even some brightness issues with the projection at my local multiplex (so over that) couldn't dull the cool neon snowstorm of Atomic Blonde - what an eye fuck, in the best sense of the phrase "eye fuck," this movie is! That is to say that Atomic Blonde was a passionate and attentive lover, to my eyeballs - it hit the spot and then flipped me over and found some spots I didn't even know I had. 

Probably my favorite thing about the movie is what a high-end art-house pop contraption it is - it's clear that director David Leitch is a fan of some good shit, you guys. There are explicit shout-outs - the fight scene in the movie theater takes place during a screening of Tarkovsky's film Stalker, for one, and the coroner being played by Rainer Werner Fassbinder regular Barbara Sukowa is another.

But visually it's this smash-up of Argento and Refn with the long-take swagger of Cuaron and the bottomless sleaze of Verhoeven ladled liberally over top. As to the latter the shout-out to Basic Instinct would've only be more explicit if Charlize had uncrossed her legs mid regaling the room of breath-held fellas with her sapphic soliloquies, but Leitch knew well enough he didn't need to actually go there (even if he got us and them ecstatically going there in our heads).


Anonymous said...

So it's visually pretty but how does it score in the all-important McAvoy shirtlessness and people being kicked in the face stakes? Because I sat through Unlocked which made Orlando Bloom look not very pretty and had almost no Noomi Rapace kicking people in the face to make up for it. I don't want to go through that sort of thing again.

Jason Adams said...

There's not much more McAvoy skin than what I have already posted previously but he is super sexy and fun in it, and it has ASS KICKING FOR DAYS. I loved it, a whole bunch. SEE IT

Aquinas1220 said...

I hate reading on some online forums that folks who loved John Wick are totally dissing Atomic Blonde (misogyny much?). As for McAvoy... loved the tight jeans. The 80's ruled.

George G said...

My friend said the ass-kicking and visual gorgeousness more than made up for whatever the critics said was a lackluster story. Is that the case in your opinion?