Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Kit's Butt To Keep Us Company

If you knew how slow my mother's internet connection is then you would really understand what a Herculean effort it was to make and upload that gif of Kit Harington's butt for us to enjoy until I get back from here. Appreciate! Anyway I'm still out of town but until I am back that there fleshy goodness ought to get us over... wait for it... the hump. See? That's the punnin' you miss when I'm away. How do you even live without it???

And if you wanna share what you thought of this season of Game of Thrones please share in the comments! I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

(After Boat Sex)

Jon: You're so BAE...
Daenarys: 'Bae'?
Jon: Yes...
Daenarys: Why am I BAE?
Jon: Cause you're the Best Aunty Ever...

Michael Scot said...

I've been waiting to see that ass for 6 years!! Worth it.

Rebecca said...

Jeezy creezy that ass is so nuts. Basically it's right behind (heh) that gif of Captain America in sweatpants for the amazing ass title.

Anonymous said...

The season was so fanservice that I loved every bit of it.
Feels and chills.

That sex scene was the icing on the cake.
Can't sleep at night thinking about dat ass.

Leech10x said...

Good season. Some sacrifices made with speeding up plot to near Time-Traveling levels, but many satisfying moments which is saying something since Cersei was pretty much winning the GOT throughout this season.

- Arya vs Brienne
- Bronn vs Drogon
- Beautiful Dragonstone location, and the Cave
- The Hound teaching Tormund new vocabulary words lol
- The Hound talking to Brienne about Arya (proud foster parents lol)
- Olenna, Olenna, Olenna <3
- Haunting music + breaktaking cinematography when winter finally falls on King's Landing
- My BRAIN figuring out Arya and Sansa were playing Little Finger (Sansa sent Brienne to King's Landing which was the OPPOSITE of what Little Finger told her to do, and Arya gave Sansa the cat's paw dagger which is the OPPOSITE of what should have happened after all faceless threats she was making)
- Pretty much All of Episode 7
- All the sex scenes this season (3 beautiful male booties on display, with the VERY best saved for last...)

I know all the lighting/candles helped, but Jon Snow has one of the most beautiful looking glutes I've ever seen on film

And I've seen a lot of glutes on film... <3

dre said...

I kinda hate that they had sex--very predictable BUT that ass tho? A British white dude with an ass like THAT?

God bless him

Unknown said...

Damn this is hot 🔥🔥