Thursday, August 17, 2017

Justin Theroux Seven Times

Justin is this month's Mr. Porter fella,and mostly they talk about The Leftovers and his wife (of course, but there is a little bit about the movie he's got with Duncan Jones coming up next:

"In Mute, a dystopian neo-Noir set in futurist Berlin, Mr Theroux redeploys his comedic talent for cloaking his identity, this time, to dark and menacing effect. It sounds like a win-win situation. The Blade Runner-ish premise alone is enough to stimulate the saliva glands of the sci-fi agnostic: a mute Amish bartender (Mr Alexander Skarsgård) searching for his missing girlfriend becomes embroiled with two sinister black-market surgeons played by Mr Theroux and his old friend Mr. [Paul] Rudd. “I’m wearing a shaggy blonde wig,” says Mr Theroux. “It’s definitely not my standard look. It’s a bit of a cheap shot, I know. But I’m a very shallow actor. I’m not going to put a pebble in my shoe and limp around on set. But I do like a good prop.”

We have already seen a picture of Justin in Mute in his wig - see it right here. Oh and in the interview Justin admits his father was afraid that his becoming an actor meant his son was going to do porn, and can I just say... what a loss that not happening is. Anyway for the rest of this photo-shoot hit the jump...

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