Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #113

Okay first things first that shot above right there is THE opening shot of Samuel Fuller's absolutely bonkers 1964 film The Naked Kiss, and it certainly gabs your attention right off the bat. But from there...

 ... it only gets...

... crazier! 

A wig ripping! A wig ripping! I love a wig ripping, and have loved a wig ripping ever since Marcia Cross tore hers off as Crazy Kimberly on Melrose Place. I need to google and see if the writers of Melrose Place ever name-dropped The Naked Kiss, because they sure owe it a debt of gratitude. 

Again keep in mind these are the opening moments of the film. We have no idea what is going on here, or who these people are - we are just thrust right into a half-naked woman swinging punches at the camera and her wig being ripped off. Twas first sight love!

And oh my god The Naked Kiss doesn't disappoint. I don't even want to delve into the movie any further because if you haven't seen it then have you got a treat ahead of yourself, and if you have seen it, well, see it again! I am going to watch this movie dozens of times before I die. (Unless I die today, in which case, well, nice knowing you, and I am happy I died with The Naked Kiss the last movie I saw.)


Blair said...

Just looked this up. How could you leave out that it stars Helena Cassadine from GH?!?! I'm totally in.

Anonymous said...

The Naked Kiss is INSANE and hilarious. I really should watch it again.