Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Good Morning, Jack

A few more photos related to Jack O'Connell's stint on the London stage doing Cat on a Hot Tin Roof have surfaced - like the earlier shots they're all behind-the-scenes or promotional shots though. No sneaky spy shots of him showering right out there in the open... yet. Keep hope alive! Spies were able to snap Jon Snow's skin romp last fall so fingers crossed here.

Jack gave an interview last week to Variety (thx Mac) wherein he talked about the whole "waving my genitals around on stage" experience that's worth a quick listen in case you've ever wondered (and I know you have):

Variety: Did you know you’d have to shower onstage?

Jack: In the writing, the shower is offstage. Brick’s first few lines of dialogue would traditionally be offstage. Look, it was a bit of a curve ball. You have to try to get your head around it. I just went with it. I was given the option to wear swimwear, to keep my modesty intact. That’s the easy way out. You think, “When does anyone really shower with underwear on?” I find that more distracting.

Variety: Were you nervous?

Jack: Not really. I guess I was nervous when I started going nude in rehearsals. I thought: we’re getting close to previews, I might as well start realizing what this is, or how this feels, while I was naked. So yeah, the clothes came off in the rehearsal room. I was grateful for that. By the time the previews were happening, a lot of people in the production had seen what it is like to start the play naked.

Variety:  Is the water cold?

Jack: It is to begin with, actually. They don’t have the opportunity to heat it when it first runs. Eventually, it warms up. But that doesn’t really help me. Obviously, scientifically, any male will know that you tend to shrivel in cold water. That was a concern.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Jack O'connel is pretty great in the new Soderbergh netflix series Godless! I got screeners and if he gets nude, ill let you know