Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Strange Days (1995)
Mace: This is your life, right here, right now!
It's real-time, you hear me, real time!
Time to get real, not playback. You understand me?

Just a couple of weeks ago I got to see Strange Days 
again for the first time in decades thanks 

... (I am seeing Teknolust tonight for the first time!) and I don't know if I ever knew that these words were the same words ripped and uploaded into Fatboy Slim's song "Right Here Right Now" from 1999 but as soon as I heard Angela Bassett say them this time around I had this immediate flashback to myself in college rolling on ecstasy and dancing to that song. That song also makes me think of Doug Liman's film Go, since it was on that perfect soundtrack

Anyway I'm rambling - 
it's Angela Bassett's birthday today! 
Bow down to the queen, people.

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Pierce said...

Saw Angela Bassett with her husband Courtney Vance as Hildy Johnson and Walter Burns in a production of His Girl Friday, adapted by John Guare and based on the movie with Roz Russell and Cary Grant.