Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Binoche Break!

Here's some excellent news we can use on a soggy Wednesday afternoon - Juliette Binoche is re-teaming with her Summer Hours and Clouds of Sils Maria directing pal Olivier Assayas to make what's described by The Film Stage as as "a full-blown comedy." They say that as if that's a shock, coming from her, but if Ghost in the Shell wasn't a "full-blown comedy" then I must have watched it wrong.

Anyway this new one will be called E-book and it will be set in "the Parisian publishing world" and it will star the dreamy Guillaume Canet. Can I watch it right now, Olivier? I mean I know you haven't filmed it yet but I could really use this movie this afternoon so if you can just go ahead and slap it together real quick I'm waiting, thanks.


Anonymous said...

She's no Meryl. I don't like her in the few comedies or lightweight drama she's in.

dk468 said...

She was decent in Jet Lag opposite Jean Leno.