Friday, August 04, 2017

Ben Barnes Three Times

If I was at my work computer I would be able to photo-shop and edit the big gallery of Ben Barnes pictures over at Da Man Magazine better but I am not, I am at home, and my home computer's not being my friend right now. So just click over and see the entire gallery there. (thx Mac) There's also an interview so if you care what Ben has to say boy are you in luck.

Anyway yesterday I never properly waved bye-bye for the weekend like I meant to, but I figure since I had that review I posted a couple of hours ago going up today I could go ahead and do that - the bye-bye thing - now. So this is it! Bye bye! See y'all Monday.

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Anonymous said...

To change the subject, here's Jack O'Connell naked in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: