Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Which is Hotter?

I keep forgetting to post this but have any of you watched 2:22 yet? It's a Groundhog Day style thriller starring Teresa Palmer and Michiel (pictured above, below, and everywhere in between) Huisman and it's been out on demand for a couple of weeks now. Anyway the trailer promises lots of half-naked Huisman, which...

... is how it should be, and I like Palmer enough, so I'm curious. Michiel's turning 36 today which is what reminded me, although the return of A Game of Thrones doesn't hurt - speaking of somebody please tell me where we left his character of Daario off last. I cannot recall. Wasn't he with greyscaled Jorah? Or did Jorah take off once he realized he was sick? Forgive me but even I - even I! - am having trouble remembering where every damn character is on that show at this point.

In related news Michiel's currently shooting Red Sea Diving Resort with Chris Evans and Alessandro Nivola and Michael K. Williams (we told you about it right here) and he posted that photograph of the latter two on his Instagram the other day. Michiel Huisman photographing Alessandro Nivola is a dream I once had, although there were far fewer clothes involved. Anyway in celebration of Michiel's birthday let's do a random poll cuz why not...

And since you're here I also recommend scrolling through our Michiel Huisman Archives because there's more delicious heat to be had than if you were cooking brownies inside a firebombed kitchen.


Rick Schoen said...

Daenerys left Daario and the Second Sons in Meereen to keep the peace while she and her armada are off to conquer Westeros. Daenerys sent Jorah off to find a cure for the greyscale/dragon pox and if you've watched the first episode of season 7, then you saw where he has ended up. I won't say more because SPOILERS.

JA said...

YES THANK YOU Rick. I remember all of that now that you have said it. My brain just always need a little nudge, like rolling a giant rock up a giant hill. :)

I didn't even remember Arya had killed [spoiler] until the Previously On showed it. I think I've hit the saturation point - no new Game of Thrones information is sticking.