Wednesday, July 19, 2017

So Many Snowman Questions

I have so many questions about The Snowman after watching the first trailer for The Snowman. Like why is that one snowman wearing a Ushanka and a gag? Is it a kinky submissive Russian Snowman?

And did that same snowman then get run over by that car?

Poor sad kinky snowman. 
Should I say "Snow Person" though?
Poor sad kinky snowperson. 

And is that Michel Fassbender in his underwear in that window?

Why is that woman in the opening scene wearing a turban? 
Hasn't she ever seen Soapdish?

Oh was the turban keeping her head on? Like that story about the ribbon around her neck, but... with a turban... and a snowman?

And most importantly, how hard is this movie going to avoid using the name "Harry Hole" when they talk about Michael Fassbender?

All these questions and more might be answered, or maybe not, when The Snowman hits cinemas on October 20th. (Oooh it's a Halloween movie!) Here's the trailer:


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