Monday, July 17, 2017

RIP George Romero

Enough beautiful tributes to George Romero from people that have actually known and worked with him have poured in over the past 24 hours that adding my own voice seems silly - all I can say is that his movies have meant a great deal to me, and he will live on as long as anybody who's ever made anything of real substance artistically will live on. He's as important to storytelling as William Shakespeare - the Zombie he crafted stands beside Romeo & Juliet (licking its lips, no doubt), beside Dracula and Superman - it's encoded on our DNA now. Romero is in our blood.

Anyway I saw him in person just this past November when he presented the restored version of Night of the Living Dead at MoMA - I posted on it right here and you should check out that post because it has more video (from the Q&A following the screening) but here he is introducing the movie. Goodbye, Uncle George.


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Dre Brown said...

RIP Sir Goerge. BTW old people always have the best eyeglass frames.