Thursday, July 06, 2017

Quote of the Day

"I have an Instagram account, but it is not a traditional celebrity account, I put a few things on it and I do not look for followers. [Social Media] Numbers measure success for the Kardashians, not for an actor. An actor must keep a certain distance from the public. If you post fourteen selfies a day, if I tell you what I ate at breakfast, then why should you come see my movies? Too much personal information questions the credibility of the interpreter. Frankly, I do not really like the narcissistic aspect of social media. I love it when people photograph and share what they see, not when they only post photos in which they look good."

(pic via) That is Alexander Skarsgard talking to Vanity Fair Italia this month (via) which I read about five seconds after having stumbled upon said Instagram account randomly (such is the magic of Tumblr). So if you want to follow Alexander Skarsgard you can follow him right here. (Hopefully he leaves the account open to all.) Save a neck-beard view of a diamond brooch he wore to the Met Ball there ain't a single selfie on the account, but who knows what the future will hold right? Fingers crossed for a big speedo period in his life.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of instagram...have you checked out george stults' recently? There's a gem waiting for you if you haven't ;)