Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My City of Stars

That picture (via) does not show what Justin was wearing when I saw him with Cary last night, unfortunately - that look pictured was earlier in the day and he'd changed by the time I saw him, and covered up them arms... which I suppose is good because if I'd have been a foot away from them arms I'd probably had to've licked them.

Anyway I tried to overhear what he and Cary were talking about but the bar was too loud and they were being all hush hush conspiratorial, so I have no idea. I do wonder though! Seeing as how between the two of them they've always got fifty irons in the fire it could be anything. I tried to take a sneak picture of the two:

And that turned out nicely. Look at them guns! 
You been working out, Cary?

The two do know each other though - they've been photographed together before and Fukunaga dates (or dated) Margaret Qualley, the actress who played Theroux's daughter on The Leftovers. So maybe they were just being social! So the only thing we have learned from this is this: I'm a terrible spy!

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