Thursday, July 20, 2017

Good Morning, World

I think the heat is making Zachary Quinto overheated (or maybe it's just having a gorgeous male-model boyfriend like Miles McMillan that does that) but his Instagram this summer has been too hot to handle (too cold to hold), finally culminating yesterday (although the summer ain't over so let's not say he's done) in that shot of Miles... presenting. (Thanks to Manuel for the heads-up) 

Thank you, Zachary. I've seen some people deriding their exhibitionist streak, but I will not be one of those people. I like to look, they like to show, this is a relationship for the ages. Hit the jump for a few more shots of the duo that I've gathered up...


Theatre of Zen said...

I'm glad they feel free to express themselves like het instagram couples do.

David said...

I am loving Zach's pornstache de l'été.