Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dunkirk I Hardly Know Kirk

My favorite thing about Christopher Nolan (who is not by any stretch of the imagination a film-maker I'm super fond of) is his Tom Hardy addiction. So that's what I'll mainly be looking for when I go see Dunkirk... oh... right about now. I gotta go! We are off for the weekend after this, but we will actually be popping in with a couple more reviews from the Fantasia Film Festival before Monday so stay tuned for that! And if you want to share your own thoughts on Dunkirk this here is the place to do it. 


Michael Kirk said...

I'm not sure why you're bothering. You will never - not in a million years - give the movie anything other than a negative review. It could check every single box of personal likes for you and you would hate it because it's a Christopher Nolan film. Meanwhile, you will heap praise on a piece of vacant, emotionless dreck like A Ghost Story and never once take issue with the fact that the lead actor is a rapist. Or you will spend hours praising effervescent masturbatory indulgences like the Twin Peaks reboot as high art.

You are a fraud. An emotionally stunted child who has no business offering film criticism.

JA said...

LOL comment of the year, folks! When I'm back at my desk on Monday you're def getting the sidebar, Michael. Thanks for this. :)

A couple notes on Nolan: I love Memento. I mostly love Insomnia. I like The Prestige a lot. I like Batman Begins and The Dark Knight (Heath Ledger deserved that Oscar, even if I think Michelle Pfeiffer's technically given us the best Batman villain we've seen on screen) and I like about 3/4s of Inception - I just wish it was as smart as Nolan thinks it is.

I would love to own a t-shirt that says "effervescent masturbatory indulgences" though. That is definitely my style.

Anonymous said...

Well.... that escalated quickly....


Anonymous said...

Would love to see Hardy fuck the hell of Nolan in doggie style! Inception 2?

Anonymous said...

Liked The Prestige. Memento was OK. Batmen Begins was meh. Insomnia was meh. Interstellar and Inception were pretty much garbage. Dark Knight was awesome (thank you Heath).

I think the reason Nolan-heads work themselves into fanboy frenzy is the gimmick conceptual macguffins blow their silly little minds and never you mind how dumb and empty they actually are. Interstellar, magical analog watch holds massive amounts of data. Inception, don't get me started on that dumb shit. About the only good things I can say about Inception are that it raised Tom Hardy's star and that the effects paved the way for Doctor Strange, which silly as it is, is actually a better movie (that is actually fun).