Thursday, July 20, 2017

Do Dump or Marry: The Kingsman Crew

JJ just shared a few snaps of the Kingsman crew hitting up the first day of Comic-Con in San Diego for their Brit spy sequel, which officially hits screens in September, and seeing the fine gentlemen called Channing Tatum & Pedro Pascal & Colin Firth & Taron Egerton all lined up like pretty dolls in a row, well, it only made Do Dump or Marrying them an inevitability. So tell me in the comments and since there are four, I don't know, be creative. Oh and here's the new trailer for the film!


Rick Schoen said...
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Rick Schoen said...

Do: Pedro
Dump: Channing
Marry: Colin
Hire Taron as the randy, semi-nude houseboy (with benefits)!

Dame James said...

DO Pedro
DUMP Colin
MARRY Channing
GIVE Taron to Hugh Jackman so they can act out all their fantasies together

Terence said...

Do: C-Tates and Taron at the same time
Dump: Firth
Marry: Pedro

Sherri P. said...

Do Pedro.
Dump Channing.
Marry Colin. (Why the hate?)
Send Tyron back to the wine cellar for more aging.

Anonymous said...

Do: Mark Strong
Marry: MARK STRONG and Colin Firth( they are in everything together, they can share )

Dump: Potatum, Pedro ( Taron can have them, he is thirsty )