Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Bottom Gun

There are many many many scenes to choose from when choosing the gayest scene in Top Gun but my mind always goes to the way that Tom Skerritt plays this encounter with tighty-whitied Tom Cruise in the locker-room - the way he goes and stands directly behind Tom as Tom's bent over the sink, the way he drags his hand across Tom's back for way too long as he leaves. Tom Skerritt knew what movie he was in. 

Anyway in case you missed it over at The Film Experience this week's Beauty vs Beast (in honor of Tom Cruise's 55th birthday this past Monday) is taking on Top Gun and specifically the Men Who Would Be Your Wingman, so click on over to cast your vote!

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Anonymous said...

Not a hot butt by any means, compare with the effortlessly sexy Jean Marais just one post above, that pic with Cocteau is everything