Thursday, June 08, 2017

I Didn't Forget You, Joel

I didn't even mention his name in my It Comes at Night review so I can't say "And speaking of Joel Egderton" like I was about to, but seriously, speaking of Joel Edgerton he's just signed on to write and direct a really interesting movie - about gay stuff! - with a really interesting and big-league group of people, and I just wrote up all of those specifics over at The Film Experience, so click over there to read all about it. 

But since we're here and I owe Joel something for never speaking his name in that review even though he's typically good in It Comes at Night let's go ahead and hit the jump for a dozen or so pictures of him being also typically hot stuff...

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Alias74 said...

God this man is like pure perfection.

His brother is a stunt guy....there's a huge zoom in closeup on him at the beginning of "Matrix ReLoaded". He's the security guard who reacts to Trinity's initial attack.