Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Have You Given Yourself Brain Damage Yet?

I have watched about half of the extras on the brand new fancy schmancy blu-ray edition of Frank Henenlotter's bonkers 1988 horror flick Brain Damage so far and what I find the most entertaining about them -- besides the fact that I am watching extras on a brand new fancy schmancy blu-ray edition of Frank Henenlotter's bonkers 1988 horror flick Brain Damage, which is insane; we live in insane times -- is the fact that all everybody can keep talking about in the extras is how goddamn pretty the film's star Rick Hearst is. And he is! He shore is purdy.

I knew Hearst seemed familiar the first time I saw Brain Damage a couple years ago but I couldn't place it -- turns out he was on Days of Our Lives & Guiding Light back in the late 80s / early 90s when I would come home from school and watch them on occasion with my mom. (According to IMDb he's on General Hospital now?)

Anyway in an interview on the blu-ray Brain Damage director Frank Henenlotter tells a fun story about how he gave Heart's character that lip scar specifically to muss up his prettiness - I do remember wondering if I'd missed him smacking his face on something or what the deal was. Good to know it wasn't my own brain damage acting up and the scar's purposefully inexplicable.

There's also tons of talk on the blu-ray about how Aylmer - the evil slug creature who eats brains is named Aylmer, you know - was modeled on a big black dildo, and that's fun too. Basically what I am saying is y'all need to go buy your copy of the Brain Damage blu-ray right now. (I previously gave you a list of all the specific extras right here.) There is life before Brain Damage and there is life after Brain Damage and I don't ever want to go back...


mtmslg said...

Always had a crush on him as Alan Michael Spaulding on "Guiding Light"

Unclemike said...

Is it the uncut version of Brain Damage? There's an infamous Aylmer blow job scene that was heavily trimmed before its original release.

JA said...

Sorry for the delay, Unclemike, I needed to get home to double-check -- the BJ scene is uncut and intact (that all sounds so perfectly phallic) on the disc. They tell some good stories about the filming of it on the extras too.

Also thanks for reminding me I spelled Aylmer wrong; gotta fix that :)