Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Good Morning, Gratuitous Paolo Roldan

While I hesitate to call what the Filipino model Paolo Roldan did on the finale of American Gods "acting" per se - he showed up in the middle of an ancient outer-space orgy (I mean... you are watching this show right?), sauntered half naked towards the camera, dropped whatever little bit of clothing he had been covering up with and mounted the goddess Bilquis...

... I still think he should get credit for it, and 
his barely-there IMDb page gives him no credit. 
So let's give him some credit! 

The funny thing was when I went looking for pictures of Paolo yesterday I discovered that I had already at some distant point in the past gathered up a bunch of pictures of him that I had forgotten about, and never posted...

... since I usually have plenty of Proper Actor Beefcake to post when I need or want to post beefcake, and so don't need to often resort to models for it. But seeing as how he's now a veteran of The Bryan Fuller Experience... well, we have an excuse!

Point being that even though you'll see a whole lot of pictures (over one hundred!) of Paolo after the jump this was an easy post to get together because I had already gotten it together. I was just waiting for the world to catch up to me, as usual, since I am such a goddamned trail-blazer...

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