Thursday, June 08, 2017

Good Morning, Eion

I'm gonna do something I never do this morning - I'm just going to direct y'all to another site to get your beefcake fix for our beloved Eion Bailey's 41st birthday today. I know! I should make some gifs myself but I have to go watch James Comey testify so just click on over here (thx Mac) for some caps of Eion in the recent movie Extortion, and later today (if there is a later today) I promise I will right this egregious gratuitous wrong.


Anonymous said...

I've had a chubby for that hirsute hottie since his hyena day on Buffy and his brief stint on E/R. He wears scrubs well.

Alias74 said...

Don't forget "Center Stage".

Every time I see Eion's hairy chest I just wanna shove my face in there and breathe it all in!

Forever1267 said...

Just look at that treasure trail...!!!!!!!!!!