Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Which Is Hotter?

I'm of the mind that Michael Cera was hysterically funny on the fourth episode of the new season of Twin Peaks (I know his performance has been dubbed "divisive" but I also know I am not alone in finding it a delight) but even so when my boyfriend pointed out that Michael Cera's face looked just like the infamously botched "Ecce Homo" painting after its 2012 "restoration" I couldn't see anything else. Hopefully you'll feel the same way from now on...

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Simon said...

I loved that scene so much......I couldn't look away from the screen the whole time. To me that was classic Twin Peaks. Obscure characters just popping up as great scenery. Remember Lana's seductive ways. When they announced Ceras casting I knew he would be Lucy and Andys kid.