Friday, May 12, 2017

The King Is Dead Long Live the King

I've seen a lot of talk about how much blame Charlie Hunnam deserves for King Arthur's probable flopping this weekend and I gotta tell y'all.... SHHHH. Stop saying such things. When I fell for Charlie going on twenty years back I could never have thought that adorable Queer twink would be headlining 175 million dollar movies all this time in the future, but now that he's stuck around this long I don't want your "box office poison" whispers going and ruining things. I'm goddamned attached now. So what I am saying is... well blame Guy Ritchie, is my point.

If y'all see anything of interest this weekend let me know in the comments. Personally I'm going to try to plow through Sense8 and all the other TV I am woefully behind on, but right now I've gotta run -- I'm seeing Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard tonight! Gay gasp! Have a good weekend, everybody.


Alias74 said...

I for one would have loved to have seen how he would have interpreted Christian Grey.

For the money though I'd step on Charlie to get to Jamie Dornan.

Anonymous said...

Please stop trying to make Charlie happen! He just doesn't cut it.

Pierce said...

Saw Sunset Blvd. with Betty Buckley. Loved her. The show, not so much. Enjoy!

olins said...

Charlie doesn't help or save anything, you are correct however that Ritchie is to blame. The whole thing is a mess. Only Jude Law comes out of looking good.

Bill Carter said...

Don't blame Charlie.

From today's "Hollywood Deadline":

"Forty-seven percent of all moviegoers on CinemaScore came out for leading man Charlie Hunnam which is a very notable draw for a lead actor, and that crowd even gave King Arthur an A-."

So without him, the movie would have done much worse.