Monday, May 15, 2017

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Ten Times

It's two months tomorrow until the seventh season of A Game of Thrones premieres and I'm using these photographs of Nikolaj (via, thx Mac) to fend off my irritation at George R. R. Martin right now, who's off writing pilot scripts for five - yes, five - TV spin-offs while his book series wilts on the vine. I've made fun of people for nagging at him before, but this is a bit much, George. That said...
... if that tweet contains any truth I might be less irritable. Slightly.
Until then hit the jump for the rest of these photos of Nicky...

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Bill Carter said...

You've seen Joe Demsie's funny nude scenes in the first series of "Skins," right?

Meanwhile, Gendry's still rowin', but it looks like he'll hit land this summer.