Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Good Morning, World

I don't even need to look back through our extensive Chris Zylka Archives to know I've posted some images from these scenes of Gregg Araki's Kaboom before, surely I have at some point, but I know it was before I got good at making gifs, so the gifs'll be new. Anyway Chris is turning 32 today and he's still sexing up The Leftovers low-key like (he looked great in hisuniform recently, but Justin Theroux clearly has some diva-like demands written into his contract about him getting sexualized the hardest) so we wish him a nice one. (And PS I am two episodes behind on The Leftovers right now so no spoilers please.) (And PPS where the fuck is Gregg Araki right now?) Hit the jump for more from Kaboom...

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Anonymous said...

he dates paris hilton. hard pass