Friday, May 05, 2017

Good Morning, World


When I google "rowing team 1940" nowhere do I find real life rowing teams wearing anything half as obscene as what Tyrone Power and his pals are wearing in the opening of the 1940 film Johnny Apollo, but I suppose that's the magic of the movies! And Tyrone Power's contract, no doubt. I haven't seen this whole film (have you? -- it's all on YouTube) but man these first few minutes are gay. 

That old queen desperate to photograph the young hunks in their skimpy outfits, and the way Tyrone is protected and shielded (and man-handled) like a pretty little thing by the big strong man whos weeps in. But the best part...
 ... is how his bucolic man on man on man on man on man on man romping's cut short and he stares forlornly out the window to watch boys being boys on boys. No more sweetly innocent gay play for you, Tyrone. Oh well. Ya gotta grow up some day. Speaking of a Happy Birthday to Tyrone Power - he was born 103 years ago today. (No he's not still alive.)


joel65913 said...

I have seen Johnny Apollo and aside from this lovely scene it's one of his best films with if not the career best performance by Dorothy Lamour one of her top 5. Plus you get the double dose of greats Edward Arnold and Lloyd Nolan and for the most part Ty slicked out in one great fitting tailored suit after another.

jim said...

Although Ty was married several times & had a notorious affair with Lana Turner (he broke her heart!!), there were "rumors" about Ty & another notorious hetro, Errol Flynn. No proff, of course. Probably much less likely than Cary Grant & Randolph Scott.