Thursday, May 11, 2017

Good Morning, World

I know that Benoît Magimel has has a semi-esteemed career in France but I can't see him without thinking of Isabelle Huppert and The Piano Teacher, so I've decided that this scene of him molesting a man in the shower from a TV series called Marseille is just his Piano Teacher character living his post-Huppert fucked up life.

Nobody's the same once Huppert gets her hands on ya! Anyway does anybody know who the other actor is here? I tried looking through the show's cast list but I got really bored of that after about five seconds. Y'all help.
Today is Benoît's 43rd birthday so we wish him a happy one, trolling public shower bathrooms or whatever it is he feels like doing. And it's a shame he's not in Haneke / Huppert's upcoming reunion, no? He looks like he could use a Happy End.


Hawt said...

Eric Savin I'm pretty sure.

milord k f d said...

Benoit prettier