Thursday, May 04, 2017

Give Me Venom Or Give Me Venom

Kind of dumbfounded that I still haven't seen Venom, the 1981 thriller starring Klaus Kinski and Oliver Reed (!!!!!!!!) which is about, and I quote straight from IMDb, "Terrorists in the process of kidnapping a child get trapped in a house with an extremely deadly snake." I mean...! Starring these two! Any of you seen it? The problem with this sort of movie is it's always a gamble whether any of the off-screen nuttery is translated to an entertainingly bad movie, or if it's just a boring bad movie. 

Still stories of the behind-the-scenes drama are great - if you scan down to the end of this highly entertaining recap of the movie they've collected loads of the stories, some from bios of Kinski but mostly from an audio-commentary by the director  Piers Haggard. Like how this is another movie that Tobe Hooper got replaced on after shooting nine days (similar to the rumors about Poltergeist in this same time period). Or that Klaus Kinski turned down a role in Raiders of the Lost Ark to do this movie!!! But mostly the fun comes reading how Reed tormented Kinski on the set:

"Oliver used to amuse himself by going to Klaus Kinski’s trailer and shaking it – cos Ollie was as strong as an ox – and shaking it and saying… “Oh, you fucking Nazi bastard! Nasty Nazi bastard!” And then Kinski would come out, you know, trembling with rage and swearing back as best he could.”

Boys, boys - you're both gigantic assholes! Anyway this movie just got dropped onto a fancy blu-ray edition a couple of months back, so let's all go watch it together!

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