Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Get Cthulhu

Jordan Peele has announced that he's following up the massive success of his directorial debut Get Out by producing a TV series called Lovecraft Country (that is a wonderful title), based on a 2016 book by Matt Ruff. Have any of you read it? It sounds terrific and I am ordering my copy right this minute.

And going by Get Out you can see why Peele wanted in on it: the book apparently mixes up race relations in Jim Crow America in the 1950s with, well as the title says, splotchy Lovecraftian monsters from the deep in New England. (Glad Peele's keeping his focus on Northern racism - as a born-n-bred Yank we've gotten it far too lightly for far too long.) 

Anyway as I said Peele's only producing the show (along with "only" JJ Abrams") - the real show-running duties are going to one Misha Green, the woman who runs the WGN series Underground about the Underground Railroad. Anybody watch that show? I do not and I haven't heard anything about it, quality-wise either.


Anonymous said...

haven't really 'seen' Underground... but Aldis Hodge had a nude moment that was quite lovely

Jason Adams said...