Friday, May 12, 2017

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Patient: Y'know, I know there are 
people who are normal. 
Dr. Ford: Are there? 
Patient: Yes, there are. But... 
Dr. Ford: But what? 
Patient: But I don't know what those people do. 

I feel like people don't talk about what a great movie House of Games is often enough. For that matter people don't talk about what a great actress Lindsay Crouse is nearly often enough either. She's turning 69 years old today and she is woefully under-used and underappreciated, don't you think? I see via her IMDb that she's been doing the Law & Order thing for the past few years? Well it's good she's working but somebody needs to give her a prime fucking part. How could you not want to write for Lindsay Crouse? What a privilege that would be. She comes off so terrifically steely and hard-edged and smart.

At least Joss Whedon was smart enough to use her -- I was going to say he was also dumb enough to kill her character off and replace her with Adam (ugh Adam) but apparently I have just learned that Crouse wanted out of her Buffy contract at the last minute and Adam was a fill-in for whatever they had planned. Huh. I take back bad thoughts, Joss!

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Anonymous said...

Agree with every word you've said. Lindsay Crouse is an engaging character actress and House of Games has stood the test of time.