Thursday, May 04, 2017

A Nice Treat For Us

"It just happened! It was all like in a dream and it felt so good – the response of people was just so energising and took us away. And of course people like to see us making out together and we thought it would just be a nice treat for them.

It was in the moment. [If] you see some people, you connect with each other and you feel something, you should just do it. Like on a party, you try things out and let things happen because it feels right. It’s not that we wanted to show off or show people how we really feel about each other; it’s not about that. It’s more about using this energy that was really heavy at Sao Paulo Pride and giving it back." 

That is Max Riemelt talking to Attitude about the awesome spectacle he made with his Sense8 co-star Brian J. Smith (and the rest of them, honestly - they all went at it) during Gay Pride in Brazil last year. (Video here!) He also talks about his penis and sex a lot because he's talking to a gay publication so of course he does.

Anyway today's a terrible day in the real world so let's focus on nice things, like the Sense8 cast making out and stuff. The second season of the show premieres on Netflix tomorrow!!! I know what I'm doing this weekend, then. Have you seen the brand new trailer?

Yeah, here's the brand new trailer:

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